Pass It Down

Ep. 22: Green Bay Packers head coach Matt LaFleur

Episode Summary

Since becoming the Packers’ head coach, Matt LaFleur has won 18 of 22 games. He faces his most formidable opponent yet on the Pass It Down podcast, as Natalie and a special guest grill him on the controversial drafting of Aaron Rodgers’ successor, the ‘Audible Thing’ and his habit of covering his mouth with his play-sheet--even while wearing a mask. The audio’s not optimal, but the content is exceptional.

Episode Notes

Matt LaFleur coaches the league’s highest-scoring team, and a future first-ballot Hall of Famer in Aaron Rodgers… but even in a surreal season taking place in empty stadiums, he can’t escape the noise. As an inexplicable clicking sound rages in the background, LaFleur calmly answers tough questions from various Silvers about the drafting of quarterback Jordan Love in the first round and the Pack’s perceived lack of offensive weapons, how he and Rodgers resolved the ‘Audible Thing’ and the hurtful prank he endured at the hands of former Pro Bowl tight end Chris Cooley. We also hear about LaFleur’s lakeside wrestling match with his younger brother and coaching rival and the time Mike celebrated a dramatic Warriors NBA Finals win by guzzling Spotted Cow Ales at his Titletown residence.